More lover boys; heavy rains on the island tonight ….

lover boys #17Hi, friends and readers:

In keeping with today’s theme, I’ve posted two more “lover boys” photos here tonight. I have actually corresponded with one of the guys in the photo to the left. Their names are Timmy and Raven, and they seemed to be very much in love when this photo was taken, and the picture’s exactly what I like to see when a gay couple is sharing affection. Keep it up, guys ….

We’ve experiencing insane rain showers this evening that are coming off the Gulf of Mexico in bands, dumping huge amounts of water on our little island. The rain is pounding on our roof, and I’m sure glad our roofing contractor completed our new roof three weeks ago. We’re water-tight, with nary a leak, a nice change from our days with a leaky roof.

lover boys #12Here’s another photo I really like. Do you tink these boys are in love? Of course they are, and good for them.

My boyfriend’s staying home this evening, since the weather’s so crappy, and we have a Netflix movie to watch. We also have plenty of beer and wine, and lots of food to carry us through the weekend, so we won’t get bored, despite being cooped up indoors. I have some editing work to do, right after I finish this post, and then it’ll be time for a bit of partying on the island. Who knows, maybe we’ll do a bit of smooching ourselves?

Have a wonderful Friday night, friends.


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