More black-and-white beauty; stormy times on the island ….

black and white beauty #6Hi, friends and readers:

Since so many people seemed to like the photos I posted this morning, I thought I’d put up two more this evening. I like the top photo the best; it has a spooky quality to it, I think. The lower photo I have posted before, but it’s been a good long while, and many visitors may never have seen it.

It’s been a frustrating day for me. The plumber came twice today, and was unable to fix our water heater, which is only four years old. Now another company will come tomorrow morning to attempt an effective repair. In the meantime, I had to take a cold shower this evening. Not fun, my friends.

black and white splashSince I was basically stuck at home all day, I did get a lot of editing done on my new book, and it’s coming along nicely. The characters are fully  developed, the plot is interesting, and there are some torrid sex scenes that Martin Delacroix fans should enjoy. And there are elements of the supernatural involved.

Storms have rolled over our island all day long. The worst one featured crackling lightning and booming thunder that shook the house and cut off the power for a few minutes, early this afternoon. Rainfall’s been heavy, but it finally seems to be letting up.

My boyfriend just got home from school and the YMCA, and in just a little while I will head for the kitchen to prepare dinner. I bought fresh grouper at the seafood market; it’s a tasty local white fish that I will bake with bread crumbs and a lemon/butter sauce. Doesn’t that sound good?

Have a great Monday night, friends.

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