Slender guys in black-and-white; another rainy day on the island ….

black and white beauty #7Hi, friends and readers:

Some of you, I know, like your young men a little on the beefy side, and that’s okay. But there’s a lot to be said for slender guys as well. I think both guys in today’s photo posts are pretty sexy, don’t you? I also like the photos because they’re good quality black-and-white photographs.

It’s Monday morning and we’re having another day of thunderstorms and rain showers. Some sort of weather system is camped out in the Gulf of Mexico and it keeps throwing storm after storm at us. The ground is saturated with water, and my wooden doors are all swollen. It’s okay, though, because the temperature stays nice and cool, a nice respite from Florida heat and humidity. We still have about three weeks of warm weather before fall finally arrives on our island.

black and white beauty #8I rose very early this morning, to deal with a plumbing issue; i.e., hot water heating problems. The plumber arrived at 8:30 AM, and now he’s just returned from his shop with repaired equipment. You know, owning a home means constant maintenance problems; I guess it’s just the nature of houses that they need constant attention. Heck, a house requires more maintenance than a boyfriend. šŸ™

Today’s a typical Monday for me. I’ve finished my writing for the day, and after I complete this post, I’ll take care of a little housework before lunch. After lunch, I’ll visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. Since the pool’s indoors, I needn’t worry about the rainy weather we’re having. My boyfriend’s at school all day, so I’ll work out by myself. After the YMCA, I’ll visit the seafood market to buy fresh fish for our dinner tonight, and then I’ll spend a nice, quiet evening with my boyfriend.

Have a great Monday, everyone.

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