Cute little video clip: sexy guys smooching ….

kiss meHi, friends and readers:

I think the video I’ve posted here is really cute. Who wouldn’t kiss the guy on the left? He looks like he might be in the military, doesn’t he? Anyway, I thought you guys would get a kick out of seeing it.

I had a frustrating morning, dealing with my hot water heater, which is now temporarily fixed. Why does this kind of thing happen so often? It’s expensive and a total pain in the butt. Anyway, after lunch I swam laps at the YMCA, bought mulch at Home Depot, and then picked up a screen I had repaired. When I got home, my boyfriend helped me spread the mulch in our front yard, where we planted new shrubbery over the weekend. It looks great our there now.

I’m fixing tacos for dinner tonight. Woo-hoo! 😉 Have a nice Tuesday evening, friends, wherever you might be.

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