Guys lying on their sofas; quiet night on the island ….

on the sofa #2Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes when he’s home alone, a guy likes to shed most of his clothing, and then lie on his living room sofa, where he can think in peace. I mean really, who needs pants when you’re hanging out alone? I think the guy in the top photo I’ve posted lost his briefs as well, and why not? He looks pretty comfortable to me …. 😉

on the sofaHave a look at the photo to the left. See that foot he’s raising? I think he’s beckoning his boyfriend to join him on the sofa, and who could possibly turn down such an invitation?

I had a nice workout a lap-swimming session with my boyfriend at the YMCA. Then we hit the supermarket on our way home, to buy lobster tails and a small steak for our dinner. We call it “surf-and-turf” and we don’t eat it often, but we were in the mood for something special tonight.

Have a nice Wednesday evening, friends.

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