Sexy little video clips: hot guys losing their shirts ….

waitingHi, friends and readers:

It’s always sexy watching a hot guy peel off his t-shirt to bare all that smooth, rippling flesh. Sadly it’s been a long while since I spent time in a college locker room or my fraternity house, where these sorts of sights were common. Anyway, I figured you guys would enjoy these two video clips. I hope they brighten your evening.

We’re hosting a little dinner party for two good friend tonight. These guys are straight, and considerably younger than me, but we are the closest of friends. I have known them since they were in high school, and I used to attend their varsity wrestling matches. Boy, that was a while ago …. 🙁

shirt coming offI had a busy day today. I had to buy more PVC parts at Home Depot so we could fix the broken line in our outdoor sprinkler system. It took us an hour to fix the leak, and then plant the remaining plants we bought last Saturday. I got a haircut, and then I hit the booze market for wine and vodka. I hit the seafood market to buy shrimp for the meal I will cook tonight as well.

Now I’m home, drinking a cold beer while my boyfriend watches college football. (Yawn.) The Gators have a bye this week, and they’re the only team I really care to watch. After I finish this post, I’ll get busy peeling the shrimp I bought. There’s an air to peeling, you know. I takes practice to do it well, so you don’t waste any of the shrimp. As a native Floridian, I learned the art early in life. Boy, are those shrimp going to taste good. 🙂

Have a wonderful Saturday night, friends, wherever you might be. And if you’ve got the body for it, get rid of that shirt, now. 

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