More hot college boys; another beautiful day in Boone ….

naked and sadHi, friends and readers:

What is it about college boys that makes my pulse race? Is it there slender physiques, their ready smiles, or their intellect. I don’t know, but there are thousands of them in Boone, and I’m so enjoying myself everywhere I go.

It’s another beautiful day in Boone. The sun is shining and the temperature’s in the mid-70’s, just perfect for hiking or taking a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I’m up for just about any outdoor activity today. And I sure would enjoy visiting the university campus again. To enjoy the architecture, of course. 😉 This evening we’ve decided to dine out for the first time, and that will be fun as well.

montreal guys #2Right now I’m seated in my host’s living room, looking out beyond the elevated deck at all the lovely trees. I’ve said this many times before: traveling to new and different places is always a stimulating experience, especially when you’re sharing your adventure with friends you are compatible with. Last night we had another bonfire in the yard, and then I grilled cheeseburgers over charcoal while swilling a few beer and a few glasses of wine. It was a great way to relax after our hiking adventures yesterday.

Guys, I’m sorry I am not posting twice daily, but I’m just too busy right now to post more than once. I’ll post more often when I return to Florida on Thursday.

All right, everyone, have a great Wednesday, wherever you might be today.

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