Cute little video clip and a funny photo: foot fetishism has its appeal ….

foot fetishHi, friends and readers:

Let me ask you some-thing. Have a look at the video clip to the left. Now, if the guy in the chair asked you to lick his feet, would you? I mean, he’s damned cute, and maybe if you serviced his feet, you might succeed in luring him into your bedroom. Do you think he’s a top or a bottom? That’s a pretty nice bulge he’s showing in those boxers; I have a feeling he’d be a handful in the bedroom. 😉

feetAs long as we’re talking foot worship, I thought I’d post the photo to the left as well. He has nice feet, doesn’t he? They look nice and clean. And I wonder what’s inside the bowl on that bong?

We’re home form the YMCA and the supermarket, and I just opened my first beer. I’ll hang with my boyfriend a bit before I start preparing a casserole, and then he’s headed into town to do a bit of partying with friends. Me? I’m a little road weary from my NC trip, so I’ll stay home and call it an evening pretty early.

Have a great Friday night friends, and keep your toes clean. You never know when someone will ask to suck on them ….


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