Sexy boys in boardshorts; beautiful day on the island ….

boardshorts #4Hi, friends and readers:

Maybe it’s cold where you live, but on my little island this is prime beach season. Since today is Sunday, our shoreline will be mobbed with good-looking boys wearing nothing but boardshorts and maybe a ball cap. You’d better believe plan to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach this afternoon. No doubt, the sights will be stellar.

I had a very relaxing evening last night. After spending an hour on my new observation deck, I fixed leftovers for dinner, and then I watched a bit of college football before my boyfriend got home from work. We watched a movie on the sofa while snacking on Key Lime Pie someone had brought over last weekend. It was a nice way to end the evening, and then we hit the sack. I think I slept about nine hours, as I was tired from my labors in the yard yesterday.

boardshorts #2Have a look at the boy to the left. He looks cocky as hell, doesn’t he? With a body like his, he’s entitled to a bit of swagger, isn’t he?

Outdoors, it’s a beautiful day, the kind we’ve been waiting for since May. The temperature’s in the mid-70’s, the sun is shining, and the humidity’s low. It’s what I call “Halloween weather”, but it came early this year.

Lucky us …..

I have a large amount of editing to do today on my soon-to-be-published novel, so it’s time I got to work. Wherever you are today, friends, I hope the sun is shining and the boys are wearing boardshorts. Have a great Sunday.

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