Two sexy farm boys; quiet night on the island for Martin ….

farm boyHi, friends and readers:

I have never lived on a farm. I suppose it has its pluses and minuses, just like any other place, but I must say, if I could live on the farm with either guy in tonight’s photo posts, I don’t think I would ever leave. 😉

The photos remind me of a character named Tyler who appears in my short story, Fuck Me . . . Please. Here’s what the narrator of the story, Forrest, says about Tyler, who’s from the Midwest.

“Tyler told me the first time he’d had sex was following his high school graduation. He took a summer job on a farm, where he tasseled corn. He shared a room with a college guy who also worked on the farm. This guy taught Tyler everything about sex between men. One night they fucked on a blanket in a corn field, between the rows and under the stars. Tyler said it was the best experience of his life, that night. Afterward, he said, he knew he was gay, no question about it.”

corn field #3Fuck Me . . . Please appears in my four-story anthology titled Sebastian Inlet. All the stories in the anthology have sexually explicit scenes, so the book’s intended for over-eighteen readers. It has sold quite well since it published through Createspace last year. You can check the book out here:

I’m home from the YMCA, after a full workout and lap-swimming. Outside, it’s overcast and still, kind of odd weather, but at least the temperature’s somewhat cool. I’ll do a bit of editing on my upcoming novel before I get busy on dinner. Have a nice Monday night, friends.

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