Hot guys in white briefs; busy Saturday for Martin ….

white briefs #2Hi, friends and readers:

We’ve all heard the term “whitey tighties”. It refers to the old school, Fruit of the Loom type briefs guys used to wear, back in the day. But you know, I think a nice pair of white briefs can flatter a guy’s body like nothing else can. They highlight his package, and his butt. I mean’ have a look at the guys in this morning’s photo post. I think they look damned good in their white briefs.

I stayed up far too late last night, listening to my i-Pod on the back porch. As a result, I slept in this morning, and I am moving a bit slowly as I write these words.

white briefs #3Actually, I have a busy day ahead. I need to clean my rental apartment next door; it hasn’t had a good cleaning in months. After that’s done, I’ll dirve into the city to visit Home Depot. I’ll buy pea rock and mulch to spread in the front yard where our new observation deck was built. It’s not an enjoyable job, but it needs done, and at least the weather’s not too hot today.

Tonight, there’s a street festival on our little island; it’s just five blocks from our house. They have food, beer, and live music, and all my neighbors will be there, so I’ll spend a little time at the festival before coming home to watch my Florida Gators play LSU. The Gators play at home, which should be a help.

Okay, like I said, I have much to do today, and time is a-wastin’, as they say. So I will wish all of you a wonderful Saturday, wherever you might be. If you own a pair of white briefs, maybe today’s the day you should wear them. 😉

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