A day of young lover boys; more work in store for Martin ….

lover boys youngHi, friends and readers:

When I was in high school, I never dreamed of kissing another boy. Not that I didn’t want to, but love between two boys was considered taboo back then. If someone caught you kissing  a boy you’d be socially ostracized.

Not any more, and how wonderful is that? I know, in some areas of the country, particularly rural areas, you’ll still get your ass kicked if people find out you are gay. But at least in most urban areas it’s okay to be gay. People don’t bat an eye when two boys hold hands or kiss in public.

Now, come people think high school boys should not be sexually active, but if you think they aren’t then you are dwelling in a fantasy land. Sixteen year-old boys have raging hormones and they do have sex with one another, hopefully safe sex.

lover boys young #3To honor young love, I’m posting photos of young lover boys today, and I hope you’ll find the photos as inspiring as I do.

How I wish I could’ve had a boyfriend in high school; it would have made my life so much better. But I guess I should rejoice in the fact times have changed, and the kids of today have the freedom to be who they are.

I slept in late this morning, after watching my poor Florida Gators lose to LSU last night. 🙁 I have more work to do today: more mulching and spreading pea rock in the front yard, and at the apartment next door. So I will close this post by wishing you all a nice Sunday. I hope the sun is shining wherever you might be today.

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