Torso worship: it’s a gay thing ….

torso #8Hi, friends and readers:

If you have ever visited a museum where sculptures from ancient Greece and Rome are displayed, you’ll notice that artists from those eras worshiped the male torso, that portion of the body between the neck and the hips. And if you’ll take a moment to look at today’s photo posts, you can see why. There is something incredibly alluring about the male torso: the chest, arm and stomach muscles, the collar bones and shoulders, the navel and the nipples. A-h-h-h, the beauty of young men ….

Speaking of beautiful young men, I had the pleasure of spending some intimate time with my boyfriend this morning, before we got out of bed. I certainly took my time worship-ing his torso in the process. 😉

Since we didn’t get out of bed until nearly nine AM, I skipped my usual walk on the beach this morning. Instead, I got right o work on my novel-in-progress, while my boyfriend hit the law books. Now it’s well past eleven AM, and soon we’ll share a nice lunch together.

torso #6Back to torsos …. Have a look at the guy’s to the left. Imagine waking up next to him every morning? I don’t think I’d ever leave the bedroom. 🙂

It’s a beautiful day outside: sunny, dry and not too warm, perfect late October weather in central Florida. After lunch, we’ll drive into town to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming in the indoor pool. It’s always a nice way to break up the day. When we get home, we’ll both do a little more work, and then I’ll prepare a nice dinner for us, I’m not sure what,but I’ll make something tasty. Maybe we’ll even have time to visit our timeshare down the street for a soak in the hot tub. It’s a great thing to do on a cool October night, especially if the moon is up and a breeze is blowing.

Have an excellent Monday, friends, wherever you might be. And keep an eye out for guys with sexy torsos. They’re everywhere, you know.

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