Getting naked in nature; Martin has the “Midnight Disease” ….

naked outdoorsHi, friends and readers:

In the U.S. we tend to be modest about nudity; I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s our Puritan heritage. But if you take an American boy into the wilderness, he will often shed his modesty and his clothing, and then you’re in for a fun weekend. 😉

Do you like the photos I have posted here this morning? Well, it’s morning, but quite early, and I wish I were still sleeping, but I am suffering from the “Midnight Disease”, as my favorite writer, Michael Chabon calls it. I woke up an hour ago, and now I am sipping from a glass of wine, hoping it will put me back to sleep for a while.

The top photo reminds me of western North Carolina, where I spent five days earlier this month. It’s such a beautiful place. Boone, how are you this morning? Are all you Appalachian State boys behaving?

naked at the lakeIsn’t the photo to the left beautiful? I wonder where it was taken, and who the model was? Do you think he’ll take a swim in the lake, or is that a river? So many questions.

I shouldn’t be up at this hour. Why can’t I sleep? But there is only one solution for the Midnight Disease: I have to write, so write I will. Listen, when you are a writer, your subconscious mind tends to dictate your life at times. The characters in your work-in-progress demand attention, so you have to put sleep aside and let your characters do their thing.

I had nice phone calls from several friends last night, wishing me a happy birthday. I am lucky to have the friends I do, but I also miss the friends I have lost to Papa Death. He has taken far too many from me, but I will soldier on. It’s time to get busy with the business of life, and I’m pretty good at it. Learning how to handle life takes a lot of practice.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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