Hot boys in the kitchen; another pretty night on the island ….

kitchen boyHi, friends and readers:

Do you find the top photo I’ve posted here as cute as I do? What a great outfit to wear when you are hosting a dinner party for friends: just an apron that shows off your sexy buns. Yummy!

I didn’t post this morning because we’ve been having some issues with this site, Internet gremlins who cause glitches. But it seems all is fixed thanks to Marcelo, my IT wizard. Thanks, Marcelo!

I’m home from my usual workout and lap-swimming at the YMCA. I stopped by the wine market on the way home to stock the shelf for the weekend. I just opened a cold beer, and now I’m ready for a relaxing evening at home. Maybe I’ll invite my friend and neighbor over to sample a bottle of Sicilian Pinot Noir I bought today.

kitchen boy #4Now, the apron is certainly a nice outfit, but a pair of skimpy briefs runs a close second for sexy kitchen apparel. Look at this guy’s bulge. He looks like he’s about to burst out of those briefs, doesn’t he?

I don’t have a lot planned for this weekend. My boyfriend’s in San Francisco, so I’m on my own. I don’t mind, as I have a lot to do in the writing department, and I have correspondence to catch up on. The weather should be beautiful today through Sunday, and I’ll be sure to take advantage f the cool weather to get outdoor exercise, probably on my hybrid bike.

Outside, it’s sunny, cool, and breezy, a perfect evening for spending time on my new observation deck. I’m so glad I had it built.

Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

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