More beautiful twinks; nice evening ahead for Martin ….

twink #4Hi, friends and readers:

Response to this morning’s “beautiful twinks” photo posts has been super-positive, so as promised, I am giving you two more photos tonight. Again, I think both are outstanding in their own way. Would you agree?

The boy to the left reminds me of a close friend I went to high school with. Andy, where are you now? I like the way the sunshine lights up the boy’s face.

I took a three-mile walk on the beach this afternoon, right after lunch. Conditions were a bit breezy down there, but pleasant just the same, and I passed a group of college guys playing football in the sand, looking fetching n their boardshorts and backward ball caps. When I got home, the weather was so nice I decided to do a little yard work, weeding mostly, and some general cleanup. I also spent a little time with my 85-year-old neighbor, up on my new observation deck.

twink #5As mentioned this morning, two longtime friends are taking me out to dinner this evening, to celebrate my birthday, which was Thursday. These guys are so good to me; they could be spending the evening dancing with girls at a nightclub, but instead they choose to spend it with old Martin. What a lucky guy I am ….

It’s beautiful outside tonight: cool, sunny and breezy, just a perfect fall night. I’m going to drink a cold beer on my observation deck before I climb into the shower. It’s so pretty up there at this time of day. Living on an island like mine is truly a privilege, and I don’t forget that, ever. The natural beauty surrounding me is something I don’t take for granted; it’s a gift.

All right, everyone. It’s Saturday night and I hope you are not sitting alone at home. If you are, call someone up and make plans for the evening. It’s important. Have a nice night, everyone.

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