All right, all right: one last round of twinks; easy Sunday ahead for Martin ….

wet #10Hi, friends and readers:

You guys are too much ….

Okay, just because I love you all, I am posting two more ‘beautiful twinks” photos, and then we’ll move on. Is everybody happy now? Have I satisfied your twinky needs? The young man in the upper photo looks like he’s enjoying car washing far too much, but then it’s always fun getting wet and soapy, right?

twink #2God, I had fun last night. My buddies arrived a bit late, so we eschewed going out for dinner. We got takeout pizza and antipasto; it was so good. We drank too much wine, and we put on our “fish hats” we were given at a restaurant birthday party years ago. Stupid, I know, but really fun.

Okay, I slept in late this morning, and now I’m enjoying my breakfast as I type these words. A friend form Germany is calling me at noon; we have not talked in quite a while and I am looking forward to hearing his voice. Afterward, I’ll visit Home Depot to buy several bags of mulch, and then I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon working in our patio, cleaning out the plant beds and putting down fresh mulch. The weather’s so beautiful I don’t mind doing this sort of thing.

Okay, I must get busy, so I will wish all of you a pleasant Sunday.



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