Two nice video clips: a sexy boy loses his shirt ….

shirt off #1Hi, friends and readers:

I have no idea where these two video clips come from. A TV show? A film? Does anyone know. I’m guessing this is a gathering of members of an athletic team, and for some reason our boy is hesitant to lose his shirt like the guys behind him. But that’s just a guess. Anyway, he certainly looks fetching when his shirt’s finally off , doesn’t he?

It’s been a busy day for me. After writing all morning, I took a delightful 14-mile bike ride, here on the island. The sun was shining and a light breeze blew, and my ride felt effortless. God, I love hall in Florida.

shirt off #2When I returned from my bike ride, I tackled a project that will take a while to complete. I just bought a used set of wrought iron patio furniture It’s good quality stuff, but it had some rust on certain pieces that needed sanded away. So, I did the sanding, and then I painted two of the five pieces with Rust-O-Leum, high gloss paint, using a brush. It was painstaking work, but the two chairs both look really good now. When I buy new cushions for them, all five pieces will look super.

As mentioned this morning, my boyfriend’s working tonight. He’s a full-time law student these days, but he works one or two nights a week, at a job that’s not too difficult, but pays very well. It’s extra spending money for him, and he doesn’t mind the work. Anyway, I’m on my own here tonight, ad very soon I’ll get busy cooking dinner for myself: baked chicken and leftovers. Yummy!

Okay, everyone, have a pleasant Tuesday night.

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