Another sexy guy in a trapper hat; quiet night on the island for Martin ….

trapper hat #2Hi, friends and readers:

What is it about a trapper hat that lends a shirtless young man such a sexy look? Don’t you think the guy t the left looks good in his?

I actually own a trapper hat; my boyfriend bought it for me as a gift a couple of years back. I love the hat but wear it rarely because the weather down in Florida really doesn’t demand the protection of my hat. Still, I love it and always will.

After I finished my writing this morning and put up my morning post, I rode ten miles on my bike for exercise. Then, after lunch, I tackled the remainder of my painting project. Now the patio furniture frames look almost new, with a nice, thick high gloss finish to them The project was a pain in the ass, but it’s done. Now I have to shop around for new cushions, which will be a pain as well.

My boyfriend’s working tonight and I’m home alone. I’ll make a simple dinner of leftovers from last night, And then I’ll spend a little time on my new observation deck before crawling into bed with a book. I’m a bit tired, you see.

Have a nice Thursday evening, all.

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