Sexy guys in trapper hats; more painting in store for Martin ….

trapper hatHi, friends and readers:

Several years ago, I visited a friend in Toronto, Canada during February of all months, to spend a few days with my friend and see the city for the first time. I liked it there; I’d go back, but the weather was cold: a high of 30 degrees F and a low of 15 degrees F, each day I was there. The first thing I had to do was buy a pair of leather gloves because my hands turned to icicles when I got off the shuttle bus from the airport. B-r-r-r-r …..

Anyway, while I was there I noticed all these hot guys walking around with peculiar fur hats on their heads, the type with long ear muffs. I asked my host, “What are those hats they’re wearing?” And he said, “They’re called trapper hats. They keep your head and ears toasty, even in the coldest of weather.”

trapper hat #3Well, have a look at today’s photo posts. Don’t these guys look wonderful in their trapper hats. Especially the guy in the upper photo. What a nice combination: a trapper hat and whitey tighties, nothing else. Bring it on ….

I rose around 7:15 AM to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach. Conditions were beautiful down there. The sunrise was spectacular, with all sorts of colorful clouds glowing pink and gold. The Gulf was calm, and I watched three juvenile dolphins thrashing about offshore, chasing a pod of fish. The air was cool, but not chilly. It was a great way to start my day.

I’ve finished my writing for the morning, and right after I finish this post I will hop on my hybrid bike for a twelve-mile ride. I want to get my ride out of the way this morning because I have to finish painting our wrought iron patio furniture this afternoon. The weatherman says it’ll rain tomorrow morning, and the paint needs time to dry. No rest for Martin!

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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