A pair of sexy video clips ….

bellyHi, friends and readers:

It’s Halloween Night, and instead of giving you guys regular candy, I’m giving you eye candy instead. Aren’t these guys hot?  The guy on the bottom, I believe, is Cameron Dallas, who’s a total narcissist and is suffering from Internet over-exposure. He’s also straight. 🙁

In just a little while I will visit friends in a nearby condo, so I can check out their costumes before they head for a bar/restaurant to compete in a contest. I’m not really into bars, so I’ll just have a couple of drinks at their place, and then I return home to make a homemade pizza.

cameron dallasIt’s a pretty night, here on the island: cool, sunny, and breezy. I had a great workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA this afternoon, and I came home feeling great. Like I said this morning, we don’t have any children in our neighborhood; the property on this island is ridiculously expensive and families can’t afford to live here. So, we won’t have any trick-or-treaters tonight. It’s too bad; I love seeing the kids in their costumes.

I want to apologize again for all the technical problems we’ve experienced with this website over the past ten days. It’s frustrating when the miscreants mess with my site, but that’s life in the cyberworld. I think everything’s been fixed now, and I hope you’re enjoying the posts. I try to mix thing sup, as far as text content and the photos and video clips I post here.

All right, everyone, Happy Halloween. Enjoy yourself is you’re going to a party, and try not to drink too much.

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