Happy Halloween from Martin to everyone ….

skater pic #5Hi, friends and readers:

I have always loved Halloween. As a kid, next to Christmas Halloween was my favorite holiday, I’d create a homemade costume, and then a friend and I would spend four hours collecting candy in pillowcases, enough to last me for weeks.

Later in life, I lived in a neighborhood with tons of kids living in it. Some Halloweens, I’d have three hundred kids come by. I always passed out good quality candy bars, and I got a kick out of seeing the costumes.

I love the island where I live now; it’s so beautiful here. But homes around here are terribly expensive and there are only a few children in our neighborhood. I won’t see any trick-or-treaters at my door this evening, and that’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

mayanNow, I’m not attending a Halloween party this year, but if I were, and if I had the body fr it (I don’t.) I would dress as a Mayan warrior, like the guy to the left here. Isn’t he beautiful? I think that’s a dart gun he’s carrying. I’ll bet it looks sexy when he brings it to his lips. 😉

I slept in late this morning, after watching FSU win a come-from-behind football victory against Louisville last night. I went to law school at FSU, and though I am primarily a Florida Gator fan I also like the Seminoles. It was nice to see them win, but I stayed up too late, so no walk on the beach this morning. It’s okay, after lunch I’ drive into town to visit the YMCA, where I’ll do a full workout and lap-swimming in the indoor pool. It’s a great way to get exercise, plus I know a lot of people there, so there’s plenty of socializing in between sets of lifting weights. The pool is never crowded on Friday’s, so I should get a lap lane to myself. What could be better?

Have a nice Friday, everyone. And Happy Halloween.

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