Beautiful Tom Daley; Martin’s in the Christmas spirit tonight ….

Christmas Tom DaleyHi, friends and readers:

I know Christmas is still three weeks away, but this afternoon my boyfriend and I strung our outdoor lights on our new elevated deck. We have an illuminated Frosty the Snowman, and we put him up there too. Then we put our fresh Christmas tree in our stand and placed in in the living room for decorating a few days from now.

It all looks great, and afterward we sat on the deck to enjoy sunset. The weather here is beautiful tonight. The wind has quit blowing and the temperature’s around 72 degrees F. We have our doors and windows open, and our patio fountain is gurgling.

By the way, do you like the photo of Tom Daley I have posted here tonight? I think he’s one of the cutest guys on the planet, plus he’s so nice, and he had the courage to “out” himself as gay not long ago, a ballsy thing for an Olympic athlete to do. Good for you, Tom! Here’s a link to Tom’s YouTube video:

My boyfriend’s making tacos for dinner, and then we’ll watch a little football while he decompresses from his law school exam today.  I’m savoring a vodka/tonic as I write these words and looking forward to peaceful evening.

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Tom Daley; Martin’s in the Christmas spirit tonight ….

  1. Have to agree with you that “Tom” is right up there at number one for handsome/cute eye candy. I watched the vid when he so easily stated the fact that he had a boyfriend. What a wonderful man he must be.

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