Hot boys at the lake; nice Friday ahead for Martin ….

at the lakeHi, friends and readers:

I live 100 yards from the Gulf of Mexico; I guess you could say it’s my “lake”. But in most parts of the country, I know people think of lakes when they think of water sports and boating. This past Wednesday night, I posted a selfie photo of a boy wearing a backward ball cap, and it was a big hit, so I thought I’d post another photo of the same boy, this time at a lake where he’s obviously boating. What a babe! I’d go boating with him any day. 😉

My boyfriend and I visited our neighborhood bar, here on the island, last night, to shoot two games of pool. Now, my boyfriend was raised in Wisconsin, so he grew up with a basement furnished with a pool table, so he’s a much better pool player than me. I never win, but I still enjoy playing, and the bar is a laid back place with cheap beer and the NFL package so you can watch multiple games when you’re not shooting. It’s fun.

boy at a lakeAnyway, we were up kind of late, so I ended up sleeping in this morning. I didn’t take my usual beach walk, which is okay because the wind’s blowing pretty hard, and I don’t like wind.

For exercise today, I’ll visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming in the indoor pool. My boyfriend has an exam-preparation class this afternoon, so he won’t be joining me, but that’s okay. Yesterday, we put our Christmas tree in its stand, and then we brought it inside. Tonight, we’ll decorate the tree with ornaments we’ve collected over the four years we have lived together. It’s always fun.

Have a nice Friday, everyone, wherever you might be.

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