Hot boys in the shower; quiet Sunday evening on the island ….

shower boyHi, friends and readers:

When I was in college I belonged to a pretty good fraternity at University of Florida. My sophomore year, I lived in the fraternity house, a nice two story structure with about forty guys living in it. I lived on the first floor and I shared a communal shower with about twenty guys. There were maybe eight shower heads, so sometimes — especially in the morning or on weekends — there might be a half-dozen guys showering when I did. Some hot and athletic-types lived on my floor, and you can be sure I enjoyed the hell out of those shower scenes. The young man in tonight’s video clip seems to enjoy his shower immensely, doesn’t he?

shower time #8It’s been a productive day in the writing department, both with writing fresh stuff and editing material I have already written in first draft. Migratory birds have been flocking to our island, and they were kind enough to crap all over my car the past few days. So I washed my car and cleaned the interior, and then I drove to the supermarket to buy several things we’ll need in the days ahead.

Now I’m home and already the sun is low in the sky. Darkness comes early in December; the sun sets around 5:20 PM right now. So it seems later than it is. Because of overcast skies we didn’t have very many beachgoers and the island was quiet as an empty church. Sometimes I like it like that.

When my boyfriend finishes studying, we’ll watch a little NFL football before I get busy in the kitchen. We” enjoy the beauty of our Christmas tree and decorations, and maybe we’ll do a little smooching if time allows. 😉

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.


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