A beautiful guy in yellow briefs; chilly morning on the island ….

yellow briefsHi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the young man to the left. He’s nothing short of amazing, isn’t he? And I like the “wet T-shirt look” on him, very sexy. Now, I don’t follow the boy band scene, but I believe this guy is now a member of One Direction, and I don’t think he’s quite as pretty now as he was when this photo was taken. Anybody know his name?

I rose at 7:15 this morning, to make coffee for my boyfriend before he left for his last final exam. He was feeling kind of stressed out, which was understandable, given the fact his entire grade in this particular class rides on the exam he takes today. Well, at least he’ll have a month off, once the exam is over with.

It’s a cold and windy day, here on the island; there’s no way I could walk on the beach under these conditions. I spent the better part of the morning working on final edits for a new novel I have coming out later this month. This is a Young Adult novel and it’s quite PG, so it will publish under a name other than Martin Delacroix. That’s the way things work in the publishing business.

one direction guyYeah, here’s a present day photo of the same guy. He’s still good-looking, but in a very different way. I’m quite sure he has no problem getting dates. 😉

With today’s lousy weather, I won’t be able to ride my bike for exercise, but maybe I’ll bundle up and take a walk on the leeward side of my island. I have several errands to run after lunch, and then I’ll help my boyfriend celebrate the conclusion  of his first semester of law school. He has worked very hard and he deserves a rest. We’ll have dinner out tonight, and I’m sure we’ll have more than one drink. Un-huh ….

I’m not sure what else we’ll do tonight. It’s too chilly to soak in the hot tub at our timeshare, so maybe we’ll just snuggle on the sofa and look at our Christmas tree. That doesn’t sound too bad, now does it? Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.


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