Beautiful Brad Renfro. How sad …..

MSDCURE EC004Hi, friends and readers:

I’m up with the “Midnight Disease” again. It’s a writer’s affliction, something most people wouldn’t understand, but I often write best during these times. What can distract you at four AM?

See the boys to the left? The boy on the right was Brad Renfro, a wonderful actor, but a troubled guy. He died in his early twenties, a victim of emotional problems and non-prescription drugs. The other boy is Joseph Mazzello, who appeared in Jurassic Park.  

If your childhood sucked, you might enjoy the film these boys appeared in. It’s titled The Cure. The movie addresses issues of shitty parenting, AIDS, and the discrimination that existed regarding AIDS at one time. Brad Renfro was a wonderful actor, but his personal problems overwhelmed him and he’s no longer with us. 🙁

brad renfroNow, I don’t like Hollywood’s schmaltzy films, but The Cure will make even the crustiest person cry. It’s about friendship, the kind prepubescent boys share. Renfro and Mazzello did a wonderful job in this film. Take the time to watch it, please.

We had a nice time tonight. My boyfriend and his classmate drank far too much, but deservedly so after finishing their first semester of law school. We dined on charcoaled steak, baked sweet potatoes, and steamed yellow squash. My boyfriend built a great blaze in our fire pit, which was good because it’s cold outside.

Oh, here’s a link to The Cure

Okay, it’s late, plus I have a bit of editing to do before I return to bed. I know many of you guys are half-way across the globe, but I hope the sun is shining where you are today.

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