Hot guys wearing backpacks; quiet night on the island ….

backpack #6Hi, friends and readers:

How come I find shirtless boys wearing backpacks sexy? It’s a great look, isn’t it? Especially if the guy’s wearing his ball cap back-ward. Check out the guy to the left. If he were your dorm mate at college, would you get him drunk one night and try your luck? Of course you would. 😉

I’m afraid our three-man gathering last night turned into a drunken event, but we sure had fun. I grilled steaks over charcoal. My boyfriend and his classmate got pretty trashed, but after four months of law school, they deserved to. We built a blaze in the fire pit, and the whole evening went great. It’s just … all three of us woke up with hangovers this morning, which is why I didn’t post this morning. I did manage to drag my butt to the YMCA today, so I had a nice workout and lap-swimming session.

backpack #8Have a look at the guy to the left. Look at those shoulder muscles and biceps. Aye-yi-yi, do you think he has a problem getting dates?

Tonight we are lying low. We just descended from our observation deck, after watching sailboats cruise past our house. The wind has finally died down here, and it won’t get so cold tonight. We’re having dinner at a Thai restaurant, here on the island, and then we’ll come home and watch a Netflix rental. I know that doesn’t sound too exciting, but right now my boyfriend is so exhausted from his law school exams that we don’t want any excitement. We only want to relax.

I have a little editing work to do before we leave for dinner, so I need to keep this post short. I do want to thank everyone who stopped by today; my traffic is way up today, which is a good sign.

All right, friends, I have work to do, so I will sign off. Wherever you are tonight, I hope you’re having a enjoyable evening.


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