A pair of sexy video clips; party time on the island tonight ….

suck offHi, friends and readers:

I think the video clip to he left is rally funny. Clearly, the boy with the banana doesn’t want his buddy to see what he’s doing. And he certainly knows how to deep-throat that banana. He’s a cutie, that’s for certain, and he has a sense of humor I like.

I had a good YMCA workout and lap-swimming session. I hit Walmart on the way home to buy a gift for my boyfriend. As usual it wasn’t a good retail experience; I detest Walmart, but I got what I need, and out the door I went. Then I hit the supermarket for food, beer and wine. I also bought wrapping paper at the discount store next door. Then, when I got home, I wrapped my boyfriend’s gifts. They look great under the tree.

in loveTissecond clip comes form the Dylan O’Briend film, Maze Runner/ I posted some larger clips easrlier this week. I think the blondeboy’s hot for Dylan, and can you blame him?

Tonight is our neighborhood’s monthly party. Everyone brings food and whatever they want to drink, and we all catch up on one another’s lives. It’s a nice tradition. I’m bring a bowl of chilled shrimp, along with cocktail sauce. The shrimp usually disappear in about fifteen minutes.

Okay, I need to get dressed for the party, so I will sign off by saying thanks to everyone who came by this site this week. Have a wonderful Friday night, guys.

2 thoughts on “A pair of sexy video clips; party time on the island tonight ….

  1. The blond boy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, is an amaczin actor, I’d say you’d believe he’s into trees if he wants you to believe it… Check out his rather impressive lists of roles. Plus: though I agree he looks like a boy, he’s 24 yrs already 🙂

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