Lover boys getting close; Martin’s going to a wedding ….

lover boys #5Hi, friends and readers:

I’m going to a wedding today, so I’m in a romantic mood. In keeping with the mood, I thought I’d post a pair of “lover boys” photos this morning, for your enjoyment. I like both photos very much; you can feel the intensity of thes eboys’ feelings for each other, it almost drips off the screen doesn’t it?

Last night’s neighborhood party was great: nice atmosphere, great food and dirnk, and best of all, good company. I live in such a wonderful place.

lover boys kiss beachIn about 90 minutes, my boyfriend and I will climb in the car to drive 65 inland, where we’ll attend a wedding. The groom has been my boyfriend’s co-worker for years, and both the bride and groom have been guests in our home multiple times. The ceremony will be outdoors, and it looks to me like the weather will cooperate fully. Outside it’s sunny, cool and still. Hopefully conditions will remain that way throughout the day.

I think the last time I wore a jacket and tie was about a year ago, and I’m actually looking forward to getting dressed up. Plus I can’t wait to see my boyfriend in his business suit. Have a great Saturday, everyone.

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