Two more “sexy wrestler” photos; chilly night on the island ….

WrestlerHi, friends and readers:

Everyone seemed to enjoy the “sexy wrestler” photos I posted this morning. I even heard from a few gay wrestlers around the country. Yes, guys, by now I know wrestling is not strictly a straight guy sport. There are many gay boys/men participating in the sport, and I think that’s great. Honestly, I don’t think gay guys go into wrestling because they crave the bodily contact with other males. I think they love the sport, just like their straight teammates. Go for it, guys ….

wrestler #4I had a great day, really. After we returned home from the wedding trip, we spent about two hours addressing Christmas cards and writing personal notes to all who will receive them. We listened to Christmas music on the sound system, and the whole experience was fun. It’s the rituals like writing cards to friends that makes Christmas special to me. I like recalling all the things I’ve done wiht my friends in the year behind us. We always create our own personal cards with a special photo relating to something significant we did this year.

I just returned form a trip up to our new observation deck. It was pretty up there, but the wind blew and it was just too cold for me to stay more than fifteen minutes. Now I’m back downstairs, getting ready to fix a nice meal for myself. I’ll do a bit of editing work tonight, and maybe watch a little football on TV.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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