Sexy guys losing thier pants; pretty night on the island ….

pantsedHi, friends and readers:

There’s nothing quite as sexy as feeling your boyfriend or sex partner peel your pants of as a prelude to sex. There’s something kinky about another guy pantsing you, especially when you know your briefs aren’t far from disappearing as well. A-h-h-h, lust ….

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetU-m-m-m, I think the guy to the left is about to lose those sleep pants too. I love the “happy trail” dribbling from his navel, don’t you? (Lick-lick.)

We are back from a very satisfying camping trip. We spent two nights in a waterfront site where the sunsets were beautiful each evening. We cooked on the grille, built campfires, bicycled and fished. Two friends joined us for dinner and drinks last night, which was fun. Camping always invigorates me, and my boyfriend loves it too. I like sharing a tent with him at night, when things are quiet and we snuggle between two sleeping bags. 😉

We’ve alreayd put away all our camping gear. We had to clean our rental apartment next door because our seasonal guests are arriving today. Then I did a bit of yard work outside so the place looks orderly. I’m making a homemade pizza for our dinner, and then my boyfriend is attending a party with his co-workers in Tampa. I’m invited, of course, but I’m kinda weary after my labors today, so I’ll stay home and enjoy a bottle of wine.

Have a nice Friday night, everyone.


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