Hot guys and water sports; beautiful morning on the island ….

water skiHi, friends and readers:

I live in west central Florida, and water sports are big here. There’s something about the lakes, rivers, and the Gulf that gets young men excited. The clothes come off and then … kersplash! Do you find the young man t the left as appealing as I do? I love the way the photographer captured the flexing of his arm, shoulder and leg muscles. I had a fraternity brother in college who was on our university’s water skiing team, and he had the most amazing shoulder muscles. Ed, where are you today? Are your shoulder muscles still bulging?

crewOkay, I have never crewed a racing skull, but it’s clear service on the crew does wonders for a guy’s shoulder and arm muscles. Yummy ….

I rose around 7:30 this morning, to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach. It’s been at least a week since I’ve been down there. I’ve been so busy dealing with medical and dental appointments, and getting everything done for Christmas, that I haven’t had time. But I sure enjoyed this morning’s walk. The weather today is beautiful: sunny, cool, and still. After lunch, I plan to take a fourteen-mile bike ride, here on the island.

My boyfriend’s working tonight, while I’m attending a friend’s Christmas party. She’s a great cook and the food’s always great at her gatherings. So, I’m looking forward to a fun evening. Have a great Saturday, friends, wherever you might be.


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