Anyone care for a slab of beef? Martin’s back home ….

football #4Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site you know I prefer my men on the “willowy” side, but I also find beefcake appealing, especially when the young man isn’t wearing a shirt. Do you like the photo to the left as much as I do. I know, the guy’s face is obscured, but check out his body. Aye-yi-yi, I could watch him toss a football all day long. 😉

We are back form our Christmas excursion which turned out to be a lot of fun. The cabin we rented was right on the Homosassa River, about 70 miles north of Tampa. One day we canoed, another day we rented a power boat to cruise the river in and to do a bit of fishing. We didn’t catch much, but we did see thew following: an American bald eagle, pair of bottle-nosed dolphins, and two dozen manatees who were keeping warm in a spring near our cabin. We had campfire every night, and the bed was comfortable. The weather was perfect too. What more could a guy ask for?

hairy-calvesFor our Christmas dinner, we bought a pre-made meal from a supermarket that we heated up in our cabin’s kitchen. That might not sound too exciting but the food was good, especially when we paired it with a good bottle of Sauvignon blanc. The cleanup was easy too.

I’m really fortunate to have a boyfriend who is so compatible with my personality. We like the same types of activities, so we are not only boyfriends, but best friends. Again, what more could a guy ask for?

We arrived home around noon today. After we put everything away, we shared a quick lunch, and then my boyfriend had to leave for work. I’ll be on my own this evening, but that’s okay. I have a ton of correspondence to tend to, and I’ll do a bit of editing on my novel-in-progress, which is now over 100,000 words in length and still growing.

Okay, everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope Santa brought you what you wanted. Have a great Saturday.

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