Sexy Robbie Wadge; warm night on the island ….

robbie wadgeHi, friends and readers:

When it comes to beautiful guys, you can’t beat British fashion model Robbie Wadge, who appears in tonight’s video post. He has those “puppy dog” eyes, great skin and hair, and he always seems to unaffected by his beauty. I wonder if Robbie has a boyfriend?

It was a crazy day for me, mostly devoted to a medical issue I’ve had for the fast three weeks. I finally went to a specialist, a really nice woman, who took matters in hand and confirmed my diagnosis. Then I had to visit two separate pharmacies to fill my prescriptions. By the time I got home it was close to three PM and I hadn’t even had lunch. 🙁

Well, hopefully this problem will improve in the days ahead, and then I can’t get back to feeling normal. In the meantime, I’ll just feel uncomfortable.

My boyfriend’s at work tonight, so I’ll fix a simple meal for myself and maybe do some editing on my novel-in-progress. Have a nice Monday night, friends.


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