Happy New Year’s Eve from Martin ….

fireworks #2Hi, friends and readers:

It’s New Year’s Eve tonight, the last day of 2014, and it’s a good time to reflect on the events of this year. It’s been a mixed bag for me. I lost one of my best friends; his death came hard to me, as he was such a sweet guy and we’d shared so many experiences over almost forty years of friendship. But I shared many wonderful moments with my boyfriend, and with my friends who are still here, and I have to be grateful for that. My books sold well this year, and my writing was productive. My health has been excellent, so I really can’t complain.

The seafood lasagna I made last night turned out to be yummy as hell. It was the first time I’d tried it, and it came out even better than I expected. It went especially well with a garden salad and a bottle of California Sauvignon blanc. We watched a movie on our sofa afterward; it was a nice evening.

fireworksNow, if you’re going to watch fireworks anywhere tonight, bring a cute friend along and take a cue from the boys in the photo to the left. They certainly know how to ring in the new year, now don’t they?

Speaking of fireworks, every year our next door neighbors throw a New Year’s Eve party. They shoot off loads of fireworks. Everyone brings something to drink, and it’s a god time, plus it means we don’t have to drive anywhere, which is always a bit risky on New Year’s Eve, what with all the “amateur drinkers” on the road. We won’t stay up much past midnight because tomorrow morning we’re driving to Tampa to attend the Outback Bowl between Wisconsin and Auburn Universities. My boyfriend’s a Wisconsin graduate, and he’s stoked for the game. We’ll tailgate for a couple of hours beforehand, grilling brats and drinking beer. It’ll be fun.

All right, everyone, have a great New Year’s Eve. And if you have a boyfriend be sure to give him plenty of smooches when the fireworks explode. He’ll love you for it. 😉

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