“The Gay Man of the Year” is Tom Daley ….

tom daley #3Hi, friends and readers:

Since this will be my last post for 2014, I thought I’d choose “The Gay Man of the Year” who deserves to be singled out for his deeds (and of course, his good looks). ūüėČ This year its British Olympic diver and medalist Tom Daley.

In early 2014 Tom outed himself as a bisexual man who was actively dating another man. Then, a few months later, Tom announced that, in fact, he was 100% gay, and quite happy in his relationship with his boyfriend.

Now, it’s tough enough to come out if you’re not a celebrity, but it’s¬†really¬†tough when you’re a world-renowned athlete in a sport that seems to frown on homosexuality. I’m sure Tom has taken plenty of shit off people this year, but he hasn’t let that intimidate him. He and his boyfriend appear in public as a couple all the time, and I think it’s great. They just made a sweet YouTube video to promote two charitable causes that are special to their hearts. You can even go on a double date with Tom and his boyfriend Lance if you win the contest they are promoting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNzF3HNTpIY ¬†Congratulations, Tom.

Tom Daley #2Here’s a Tom Daley photo I really love. Of course, he has a knockout body, but look at that one hundred watt¬†smile.¬†It’s what I call an “infectious smile” because it makes¬†me¬†want to smile every time I look at the photo. Tom’s boyfriend is certainly a lucky guy, isn’t he?

It’s been a quiet day here on the island. We did a few household chores, ran a couple of errands, and watched a little football. We’re having a friend over to share dinner with us tonight, and then all three of us will attend our neighbors’ party next door. It’s been overcast and windy most of the day; I feel sorry for our winter visitors. They deserve sunshine, and they’ll get it tomorrow when the high will be 76 degrees. My boyfriend and I are attending the Outback Bowl tomorrow, and we’ve already packed the Element with all our tailgating paraphernalia. It’s going to be fun.

All right, everyone, once again, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve. If you’re going out tonight, take a taxi. If you’re staying home with your boyfriend, be sure to kiss him when the clock strikes midnight, it’s important.

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