The sweaty wrestler wins “best photo” of 2014; another chilly morning on the island ….

wrestler #2Hi, friends and readers:

Well, the voting was close, but the sweaty wrestler to the left won the “best photo of the year” award for 2014. The gamer with the huge bulge in his briefs came in second. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Now what are we to think about the young man to the left? Is he gay or straight? If he’s gay, does he know it? If he does know it, is he sexually experienced.? I sure hope so. Do you think he sweats like that during sex? Yum-m-m.

Well, my boyfriend and I did not get home until late last night, after attending our friend’s birthday gathering. The gathering was fun; I don’t get out at night that often, and it was nice to be in a nighttime crowd for a change. I drank a few beers. I munched on nachos and pizza, and I met some nice people I hadn’t met before. A loy of cute guys were floating about the club too. 😉

wrestlers #3Okay, here’s another “sexy wrestlers” photo I think you’ll all enjoy. Wouldn’t you like to be the guy on top? Oh, hell, I’d take either position, to be honest.

It’s chilly outside this morning, way too cold to take a walk on the beach. I’ll wait until things warm up this afternoon before I venture outside for some exercise. We don’t have much planned for today. There are two NFL playoff games on TV late this afternoon and this evening, and I imagine we’ll watch one or both. I’ll make a nice dinner for us, and maybe we’ll bundle up so we can visit out observation deck at sunset time. Not a bad day, huh?

Have a wonderful Saturday, friends.

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