Beauty in black-and-white; gloomy Monday on the island ….

boyfriend in bed #7Hi, friends and readers:

I love good black-and-white photos, and when I come across a few I find special, I like to share them with you guys.

Check out the young man to the left. That’s a football jersey he’s wearing, but he looks like he’s in the mood for another kind of sport, doesn’t he? What a sexy guy ….

I hit the beach this morning, right around nine o’clock, for a three-mile walk along the shore. Even though the sky was overcast, the air temperature was nice and the wind wasn’t blowing. My walk was pleasant and I hope to get back to my everyday routines now that the holidays are behind us.

boyfriend in bed #10I know I did not post on this site yesterday, and that’s because I was too damned busy. My boyfriend had car trouble Saturday night that we had to deal with Sunday morning. By the time we got his car home and fixed, it was time to watch the NFL playoff games. Of course, we had to wear our Green Bay Packers jerseys for the Packers v. Dallas game, which the Packers won in a nail-biter. Then we watched the Colts v. Broncos game, which wasn’t nearly as interesting. as the Packer game.

By the time all the football was over and we cleaned up after dinner, it was time for bed, so I never posted. Sorry, guys ….

Today will be a typical Monday for me. I’ve already worked on my novel-in-progress. I also took care of a little correspondence. Now it’s almost lunchtime, and after I dine with my boyfriend he’s off to school while I will visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. Tonight, a friend’s hosting us for dinner and we’ll watch the Oregon versus Ohio State NCAA championship game.

Am I a football freak? No, but my boyfriend is, and it’s fun watching him get so excited when we watch games or attend them live. You do these things for your Lover Boy, you know. 😉

Have a  nice Monday, everyone.

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