Hot guys in boardshorts; chilly night on the island ….

shower outside #4Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site then you know I live in a beach community on the Gulf of Mexico. Our beach is beautiful, with sand as white as table sugar, and rolling dunes covered with sea oats. And, of course, on weekends we are visited by dozens of hot guys wearing nothing but boardshorts. They sun themselves, they toss footballs and Frisbees, and they kick soccer balls back and forth. It’s always fun to walk the shoreline on a warm winter day, to see all that smooth flesh. Wouldn’t you like to spend time looking at these guys?

Okay, today was no beach day here. The sky has been overcast all day, and the temperature’s been chilly. After lunch, I went for a twelve-mile bike ride, but it wasn’t very pleasant, A steady wind blew about ten miles per hour out of the northwest, so it turned my ride into work. 🙁

boardshorts #4Alright, the guy to the left isn’t at the beach, but don’t you think he looks great in his boardshorts? I’d hire him to mow my lawn any day of the week, but I don’t have grass, just shrubs. 🙁

My boyfriend’s at work tonight, so I’m on my own, and that’s okay. I have leftovers in the freezer I’ll zap in the microwave, and I’ve got a Netflix rental I’ve been waiting to see, so I won’t be lonely. I have a nice bottle of Sauvignon blanc in the fridge, so I’m set.

I need to get to bed at a decent hour tonight because tomorrow morning I need to drive my boyfriend to Tampa International. He’s spending a long weekend with his old college roommates in Los Angeles. They’ve rented a cabin for two nights where they’ll go snowboarding. I’m jealous, but I don’t ski or snowboard (I grew up in Florida, you see.) so I’m not tagging  along.

Okay, everyone, have a nice Thursday night.

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