Sexy guys on boats; pretty day on the island ….

on the boat #4Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site then you know I live on an island in west central Florida. Being surrounded by water, I see boats all day long, and of course I love seeing a boat loaded up with college boys cruising by my house.

When a guy boards a boat on a warm day, he typically sheds his shirt and sandals, and then you get sights like the ones in today’s photo posts. I don’t know which guy I find more appealing, but then I don’t have to chose, do I? I especially like the cocky expression on the young man’s face in the upper photo.

on the boat #3I slept in really late this morning; I’m not sure why. But it’s a beautiful day outside: sunny, cool, and still. So I plan to take a 14-mile bike ride, right after lunch. This is my favorite time of year in Florida, when we can enjoy the outdoors without sweating.

I don’t really have any plans for the day. After my bike ride perhaps I’ll do a little yard work and maybe a little reading too. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Sexy guys on boats; pretty day on the island ….

  1. The lad in the top photo of the January 17th post is >>14<< year old Hayes Grier. He and his brother (Nash) are world famous Viners.

    • Hi, Dave. Thanks for the information. I have to say I thought the guy in the top photo was a lot older than fourteen. I checked out his Vines posts and I can’t say I found them too inspiring. But then I’m not a teenager. Thanks again for writing; I hope you enjoy my site.


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