More sexy swimmers; beautiful evening on the island ….

swimming pool #3Hi, friends and readers:

This morning’s swimmer photos seemed quite popular, so I thought I would post two more for your enjoyment. Okay, the guy to the left isn’t a competition swimmer, but who cares? He’s a total babe, isn’t he? If had a pool he could visit every day for a swim. I’d even dry his back for him. 😉

I had a good day. I picked my boyfriend up at the airport around eleven AM; I sure was glad to see him. My workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA was great; I even got my own lap lane in the indoor pool. Then I hit the supermarket on my way home, to restock the fridge with food, beer, and a bottle of wine. Now I’m home and it’s a beautiful evening, here on the island.

Blue Speedo BoyIn about fifteen minutes, I’ll take a cold beer and my i-Pod up to our new observation deck; it overlooks that Intracoastal Waterway, and I like listening to music while I watch the sailboats cruise past. I’m preparing a tasty chicken dish tonight for our dinner. My boyfriend, poor lad, has to study most of this evening because he didn’t get any work done this weekend. It was all-out partying in Los Angeles, and now he has to play catch-up.

By the way, do you like the way the young man to the left looks in his blue Speedo? That suit is awfully skimpy, isn’t it?

Other than cooking dinner, I have very little planned for this evening. Maybe I’ll do a bit of editing on my novel-in-progress, and I’ll savor a glass of wine or two. Nothing too exciting, but I’m just happy to be here on this beautiful January evening.

All right, everyone, I hope you all have a lovely evening. I’m glad everyone liked the swimmer photos I posted today. I’ll post some more soon.

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