Sexy swimmers; pretty morning on the island ….

swimmer #2Hi, friends and readers:

Check out the guy to the left. I’ve never seen swimming “pants” before, but they sure look good on him, don’t they? I keep telling myself, “You’ve got to go to a swim meet sometimes soon.” But I never do. Does that mean I’m lazy?

Well,, where did yesterday go? After I took a three-mile walk on the beach, I spent the rest of the day watching NFL football playoffs. The Packers lost at the last minute, under ridiculous circum-stances, and then the Patriots blew out the Colts. I really should have found something more interesting to do. Like attend a swim meet?

Anyway, I went to bed at a reasonable hour, and then I slept until nine AM this morning. I mean, I slept like a log. Now I’m up and enjoying a light breakfast. The sun is shining and it’s 70 degrees F outside. It’s going to be a nice day.

swimmerMy boyfriend’s flight from L.A. gets in about an hour from now, so very soon I will climb into the Element and drive to the airport in Tampa to pick the lovely boy up. I know he’ll be exhausted from his travels, but maybe I can talk him into going to the YMCA with me, fr a workout and lap-swimming. Now, I don’t look as cute in my Speedo as the boy to the left, but then I’m not sixteen years old either. 🙁

Aside form visiting the YMCA, I don’t have a lot on my agenda today. There’s a bit of yard work I need to take care of, and I really need t wash my car. I have edits to do on my novel-in-progress, and I’ll be cooking dinner for my boyfriend and me this evening. That’s about it, and if you think that sounds like a boring day well, that’s okay. After the busy holidays, I am ready for quietude.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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