Hot guys in sweatpants; beautiful evening on the island ….

sweatpantsHi, friends and readers:

At this time of year, when there’s a bit of chill in the air, a lot of young men like to wear sweatpants around the house, and it’s a sexy look, especially when they don’t wear shirts, like the guys in tonight’s photo posts. I especially like the upper photo. Aye-yi-yi, what a body. I wonder where he lives?

I had a great day. After I shared lunch with my boyfriend, I ran my errands. Then I came home and took a fourteen-mile bike ride. The afternoon conditions were perfect for cycling: cool and still. I re-potted one of my favorite orchids, and I used the leaf-blower on our fenced in patio. I even cleaned out our patio fountain, and now it’s gurgling happily.

sweatpants #2It’s a beautiful evening, here on the island: sunny, still and about 72 degrees. I have my doors and windows open, and it’s so pleasant. I love these kind of winter evenings in Florida. We don’t need air conditioning or heat. Right now, I’m wearing a t-shirt, track pants, and flip-flops. It’s great.

My boyfriend is working his part-time job tonight, so I’ll dine by myself. It’s okay, I stopped at our island’s seafood market to buy a Gulf grouper fillet; it’s our best-eating fish. I’ll bake it in bread crumbs, and then I’ll team it with mashed potatoes and a fruit salad. Doesn’t that sound tasty? (Trust me, it will be. You can’t beat fresh grouper.

Before dinner, I’m having a friend over for drinks on my back porch, were it’s oh-so-pleasant tonight. We’ll enjoy the warm air, the fountain, and plants while we sip from our poison of choice. Have a nice Tuesday night friends.


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