Beautiful blond guys; another gorgeous day on the island ….

blond beauty #5Hi, friends and readers:

My taste in men runs to fair-skinned guys with dark hair and eyes; it’s my thing. But I know a lot of you out there like men with blond hair, so I thought  I’d post some photos of guys I think you’ll like.

Check out the guy in the top photo. His beefy butt and legs are certainly appealing. In fact, everything about him is sweet. I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing he’s Fabian from Munich, Germany. Hanging out naked is his thing; he does it all the time, doesn’t care who’s around. Good for you, Fabian.

blond beauty #3Here’s another blond beauty. He has such beautiful skin and hair, and he looks European as well, I think. I suspect he’d be a wild man in the bedroom. 😉

Well, it’s another gorgeous day, here on the island. I’m finally getting back to my normal routine, now that the holidays are over. That includes getting my butt out the door by 7:45 AM, to take my usual three-mile walk on the beach. I’m usually home by 8:45 AM, and right after I fix breakfast, I spend 2-1/2 hours writing new material for my novel-in-progress, as yet untitled. It feels good getting back to normal. I like being productive, and my morning beach walks are important to me as well.

Okay, everyone, I have much to do today. We’re hosting two friends for dinner, and I need to hit the supermarket sometime this afternoon. I have bills to pay and correspondence to tend to, so I’d best get busy. Have a great Thursday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful blond guys; another gorgeous day on the island ….

  1. What happened to the photo of the sweaty lad in a garage or basement wearing shorts and fingerless gloves… The photo was titled lifting-weights.jpg I sure enjoyed that sweaty thin look when it was time to get whacky and now pouring over archives I cannot find his photo.. Can you repoast it please?

    • Hi, Slippery:

      I’m sorry to report that after posting for over five years, my allotted space on my website host’s server became overloaded. The only way to remedy the situation was to delete photos and videp posts form the earlier years, and your sweaty lad must’ve been deleted. 🙁 Sorry, but my website was running so slow it became unusable.


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