Do you like naked beefcake? Have a look at this ….

amazedHi, friends and readers:

I don’t post porn on this site, as I have a lot of underage followers. I’m also not particularly a fan of beefcake; I like my guy sort of … willowy. But I can appreciate a guy with muscle, and someone sent me a link to this little video, which even found pretty tantalizing. If you’re over eighteen and male nudity doesn’t offend you, have a look:

See what I mean?

hammockOkay, I wouldn’t exactly call Cameron Dallas beefcake, but he is pretty hunky, despite the fact he’s a narcissist supreme. (That’s him to the left.) He’s not naked either, but I like the photo nonetheless.

My boyfriend and I hosted two friends for a chili-and-garlic-bread dinner last night, and the evening was a whole lot of fun. Just the same, I didn’t get to bed until late, and as a result I slept in too late this morning. No walk on the beach for Martin today. You know what they say: “You play, you pay.” 🙁

I have a nice day ahead of me. After lunch I’ll meet my boyfriend at the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming in the indoor pool. Then he’s off to work and I’ll visit Home Depot to buy several bags of mulch I’ll spread in the yard this weekend. Friends in town are having me over for dinner tonight, so I won’t be lonely.

Have a great Friday everyone.

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