Sexy little video clip; street party time for Martin and his b/f ….

smoochingHi, friends and readers:

I love watching two guys kiss, particularly when they’re in public and you know they’re taking a risk some asshole will throw an insulting comment at them. You can tell the guys in tonight’s video post really care for each other, can’t you? And they’re so cute. I could watch them kiss for hours; I really could. See, when I was their age my partner I and couldn’t kiss in public. People probably would have thrown bottles and rocks at us. Not now, thankfully.

I took a three-mile walk on the island this afternoon, on the lee side where the wind wasn’t so bad. It was actually a nice walk, and in just few minutes I’ll hop into the shower. I’ll whip up dinner for my boyfriend and me, and afterward we’ll hit the street festival. It’s only five blocks away so we don’t have to drive.  (Yay!)

Have a great Saturday night, friends.

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