Beautiful guys, fast asleep; nasty weather on the island this evening ….

asleep #4Hi, friends and readers:

There’s something wonderful about walking into a room and finding a good-looking young man fast asleep, especially if he’s wearing very little or, even better, nothing. A guy asleep looks so vulnerable. His usual masculine defenses are down, and sometimes, if he talks in his sleep, you’ll learn a few things about him that he’d rather you didn’t. Anyway, I thought you guys would enjoy the photos I’ve posted here tonight.

asleep #5I’m home from the YMCA, where I had a good workout and lap-swimming session. I hit the supermarket on the way home for a few things I forgot yesterday, and then I came home. Sadly, there wasn’t a naked young man in my bed when I got here. 🙁 The weather here is nasty tonight: windy and cold. I can’t even enjoy our new observation deck tonight because the weather’s so bad, but I guess I shouldn’t complain. I hear it’s real brutal in NYC tonight, where they’re expecting one of the city’s worst blizzards in history. Stay warm up there, guys.

I’m spending a quiet night at home with my boyfriend. He’ll do some studying and I’ll do some editing on my novel-in-progress and maybe take care of some correspondence. Nothing too exciting, but sometime’s it’s just nice being home together. I’m making spaghetti for dinner tonight, and it’s always good the way I make it. Have a nice Monday night, friends. And check your bedroom, you might find a naked guy asleep in there. If you do, don’t wake him …. 😉


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