Hot guys in sunglasses; typical Monday for Martin ….

sunglasses #6Hi, friends and readers:

It’s funny how a pair of trendy sunglasses can transform a guy’s appearance; I’m not sure why but they do. I guess they ad an air of mystery to  him, since you can’t see exactly what he’s looking at. Anyway, I think the two young men in today’s photo posts look quite sexy in their sunglasses. Would you agree?

Okay, the guy in the upper photo is super-skinny, but those sunglasses make all the difference in his look, don’t they?

I stayed up way too late last night. My boyfriend built a fire in our patio fire pit while I grilled pork chops, and it was so nice, sitting next to the blaze. After dinner we watched The Maze Runner with cute-as-hell Dylan O’Brien, and I must say I was under-whelmed by the film. I prefer movies about real people dealing with everyday problems, not post-apocalyptic societies struggling against non-human adversaries.

sunglasses #3Do you like the guy to the left as much as I do. He has a natural athletic build I always wanted but never had. 🙁 And he looks good in those sunglasses, doesn’t he?

Today will be a typical Monday for Martin. I’ll share lunch with my boyfriend before he goes off to school. The I’ll visit the YMCA in town for a workout and lap-swimming. I was considering visiting the driving range afterward, to hit a bucket of balls, but although the sun is shining, a very stiff wind is blowing outdoors and I don’t think hitting golf balls would be a pleasant exercise. Maybe I’ll go Wednesday instead.

Oh, since we’ve started a new year, I thought I would try something new on this website. I’m planning on posting excerpts from my books from time to time, to give a taste of my style to persons who’ve never read my stories. I’ll choose something once or twice a week to post, whether it’s part of a short story or part of a novel. Hey, it’s free Delacroix material, and where can you find a better deal than that?

Okay, it’s almost noon and I have much to do, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a nice Monday. I hear folks in the northeastern U.S. are in for a nasty winter storm. Stay warm up there, guys.

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