Cute Hunter Hayes and the Florida Strawberry Festival ….

hunter hayes #2Hi, friends and readers:

Ever heard of Hunter Hayes? That’s him to the left; he’s a country-western musician. I had never heard his music until this evening, when my boyfriend and I attended the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City. As a Christmas gift I bought us two tickets to see Hunter perform live at the Festival. I bought the tickets the first day they went on sale, way back in early December, so we had good seats. The weather was perfect tonight, and we dined on Mexican food at the Festival. Plus, of course, we had to each have a serving of strawberry shortcake. De-licious.

Anyway the concert was great. Hayes has a beautiful singing voice and he plays wicked guitar. He was very animated on stage and put on a fine program. His band was very talented as well, I was impressed, and I didn’t even mind all the screaming teenage girls in attendance. It seems they love Hayes, and who could blame them?

We’re home now, and it’s nearly eleven PM. I’m kinda tired but I’m not quite ready for bed, so I thought I would post before hitting the sack. Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

2 thoughts on “Cute Hunter Hayes and the Florida Strawberry Festival ….

    • Wow, really? His concert was great. I play guitar, so I know I great guitarist when I hear one. He has a fine voice also. It was a privilege to spend an evening with Hunter. Thanks for writing, Gabe.


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